Birdie King Golf App

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Real-time data drives efficient experiences by allowing users to receive and act on information immediately. Leveraging real-time data an be a powerful tool for management applications.


Golf has traditionally been a segment of slow adopters to technology. However, in recent years, technology has increasingly made its way to the forefront of golf by players and staff alike. The majority of new digital tools are designed to improve the player's experience while management tools lack innovation.


Many golf courses use analog management processes while others  utilize standard management tools such as POS systems or  various software which is often antiquated or restricted to desktop computers. The Birdie King course management concept is designed with the course manager in mind. It replaces many antiquated systems and provides managers with real-time data about their course.

Project Brief


Many golf courses use multiple separate, antiquated systems and management processes. Course managers need an efficient tool that seamlessly combines existing processes and provides real-time information regarding course maintenance, cart management, tournaments, scheduling, and more.

The Solution

A multi-platform, course management application that utilizes real-time data about course condition, maintenance, weather, cart management and more which would improve course operations.



VIsual Design



Live Cart Tracking

Cart Inventory & Management

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